1). High Standards: Norseman Global is dedicated to representing the Client and their Brand with the utmost respect and professionalism. Whatever the client wants, we’re able to deliver with our steadfast approach and flexibility to customize the service directly to them.


2). Systematic Approach: At Norseman Global, we specialize in providing customized direct marketing strategies to benefit the Client’s brand. We provide a structured yet simplified approach to all our systems and cater to whatever the Client’s direct sales and marketing department needs.


3). Training and Mentoring: We believe in a hands-on method here at Norseman Global. Open communication paired with our ever-present constructive coaching allows us to implement our effective training models in the advertising industry. Thus, delivering us an edge on our competition.


4). Guaranteed results: What you see is what you get. So naturally, what you get is what you pay for. Our Clients only pay us for the work that is done and with our “Never settle, always explore” mentality, we will strive for the best solution to each Client’s request.


Word from the CEO and Founder Erik Lickiss

“Never Settle…Always explore! That is the motto that this company strives for in all aspects of the business. We set the bar and pace to exceed our client’s expectations. The customer always comes first and is our drive to success. We are the face of our clients’ brands and we take the huge responsibility that comes with that. We pride ourselves in representing our clients’ brands with sheer integrity and passion. Big things are on the horizon for Norseman Global. Come take the next step with us and explore the possibilities!”


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