Norseman Global Quick Review of The Decision Makeover by Mike Whitaker

Norseman Global Quick Review of The Decision Makeover by Mike Whitaker

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It is no secret that every decision we make has an impact on our future. Some of those decisions may have life-changing ramifications while others are simply considerations in our day to day lives. In his book, The Decision Makeover: In Intentional Approach to Living the Life You Want, the book’s author says that not every decision you make will have a major impact on your life but every decision will have an impact. Therefore, it is vital to know how to make good choices. This is something Erik Lickiss, CEO and managing director of Norseman Global is always counseling his team to remember.

“I tell my team that it is vital to understand the difference between good choices and bad choices when it comes to the decision making process. We are, after all, a team of marketing entrepreneurs who are working towards our own personal goals at the same time as we are striving to reach team goals. How, or even if, we get there will be decided by the choices we make along the way and that is why I recommend that my team reads and digests the information in this amazingly thoughtful treatise on the decision-making process,” says Norseman Global’s director.

He continues to say that, “I found it intriguing that the author expands on the reasons why so many people make bad choices in life. Usually, it is because emotions overpower logic or that we haven’t stopped to consider whether the choice we make now will affect our goals in some way, good or bad.” This is significant to Erik Lickiss and Norseman Global because of their highly-focused, goal-oriented company culture.

As a team of highly successful, goal-oriented direct marketing entrepreneurs, Norseman Global are always seeking to reach goals set together with clients they serve.

“You can choose the path to take and each path may take you closer or farther from your goal. However, with continual introspection and a line of vision on your destination, you can make the right choices most of the time,” Erik Lickiss says. “I really appreciated the way in which the author, a successful entrepreneur himself, explains the decision-making process and how to know if you are making the right choices.”

In the end, it’s about knowing where you are going and if the decisions you make will impact your journey toward that goal. Make choices for the right reasons and you will ultimately reach your pinnacle. That’s something Norseman Global prides itself on achieving and the basis for their amazing successes along the way.