Norseman Global Paints the Big Picture – You’re Only as Big as Your Goals

Norseman Global Paints the Big Picture – You’re Only as Big as Your Goals

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As a rapidly growing startup, Norseman Global understands the importance of always keeping your eyes trained on your goals. In working as a direct marketing force for a number of Fortune 500 companies, this team of direct marketers knows that the key to getting to the top means that you need to always know where it is you are headed and then seek the clearest path to your destiny.

This is how the CEO and owner of Norseman Global, Erik Lickiss, began expanding his horizons. “I was always an entrepreneur at heart and knew that if I was to succeed, I had to have a clear-cut picture of where I was going so that everything else pales in comparison.”

Erik Lickiss opened Norseman Global in the Peoria market in 2018 and already has built an amazing client base for the group’s portfolio. “We knew that we wanted to be the premier direct marketers and that if we focused on edging out our competition by building huge customer bases for our clients, we could achieve that goal,” he says of the early days. And, that’s just what they’ve proven to do time and time again.

However, in training new associates with Norseman Global, Erik Lickiss asks each person to make realistic goals they want to reach in the near future with an ultimate goal down the road. “Each goal is like another mile marker on a map of your life’s journey, but those mile markers are just stepping stones,” the Norseman Global CEO explains.

Norseman Global sees each new associate as an entrepreneur with the world at their feet. It is theirs to grab if they understand that point on their journey where they want to be in a year, a decade or even decades down the road. “With a clear-cut destination in mind, you can choose a variety of paths, but the main thing to remember is that the destination is your goal so how do you want to get there?”

As with any journey, this energetic Norseman Global managing director says that it always takes forward motion and so that “No matter what path you take, never go in reverse. Always keep your eyes on the road ahead of you and you will ultimately get there.” That’s the key to success and if your goals are set on reaching the heights of Mount Everest then that’s how high you’ll climb.