Norseman Global is Inspired by Client’s New Product Pricing Strategy

Norseman Global is Inspired by Client’s New Product Pricing Strategy

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Reviewing your pricing strategy is a tough job and sometimes it is easier just to avoid it. However, if it is done in the right way then you stand to reap considerable benefits from doing just this, without alienating your customers in the process. When you put careful thought and analysis into your pricing strategy you will be surprised at just how much difference you can make to your bottom line without losing any customers along the way. One of Norseman Global’ biggest clients has recently conducted pricing strategy chances in order to ensure that customers get more value for money and a better deal in general, with staggering results. Successfully managed to review their pricing strategy and make changes that have started to attract new customers, and ultimately boost sales.

Managing Director of Norseman Global, Erik Lickiss, has been very inspired by the way in which this has been carried out and he urges other companies to follow suit. He says, ‘If you haven’t reviewed your pricing strategy for a while then there is no better time to do it than right now. A little bit of thought and effort can go a long way, and you will be surprised at the positive impact that it will have on your business when you get it right. I have definitely noticed a trend, and that is that the bolder the business when it comes to pricing, the more successful they are. I am looking forward to watching my client go from strength to strength with their new product pricing changes.’

Erik Lickiss is going from strength to strength with Norseman Global. As specialists in direct marketing, they are helping clients seek out and engage with new customers in order to boost their customer base and increase sales figures. His success has sent his reputation soaring and she is now in high demand from customers all over the country looking to boost their profits. His results-driven approach combined with his traditional direct marketing skills mean that he is extremely well-placed to help clients with their events-based marketing.

Erik Lickiss’s ambitious plans for the future include helping to bring even more clients face to face with potential new customers and he is excited about the surge in demand that he is experiencing. The future is looking bright for Norseman Global and Erik Lickiss is looking forward to taking her business to the next level of success.