Norseman Global Explains the Importance of Knowing Your Audience

Norseman Global Explains the Importance of Knowing Your Audience

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Drawing a direct correlation to the way in which major sporting events have been effectively tailoring their marketing approach in recent years, Norseman Global’s CEO and founder, Erik Lickiss, says that “They’ve got it right! The key to drawing a larger fanbase is to reach them where they are. Altogether too often marketing firms have tried to draw larger audiences based on the sponsors of those events, but that has proven to be an inefficient approach.”

What this insightful marketing director of Norseman Global is referring to is that in sales and marketing is a numbers game much of the time. This happens when marketers simply try to draw in large audiences without first qualifying their leads. “It is so much more effective to market to a fan base than to a large crowd who will simply tune out when they don’t care to hear the message you are presenting. That’s what sports marketers have come to understand.”

Erik Lickiss goes on to say that in order to reach an audience that will actually listen to what you have to say, you need to know where and how to reach them. “Today, huge fan bases are built on channels like social media and through video games. That’s how sporting events have begun being advertised with great results. Instead of simply broadcasting on local or network television, teams have begun hitting social media like Facebook and Twitter.”

That, in effect, is what Norseman Global teams do when they go face-to-face with potential customers for clients they represent through direct marketing. “The world has gone social,” he explains, “and that is why direct marketing is so effective. People have begun doubting the validity of what they are seeing or reading in ads but when they come face-to-face with marketers ready to demonstrate products or answer questions, they feel comfortable with new brands they are introduced to.”

There is a direct relationship to the way major sports are drawing larger fan bases and the way in which direct marketers grow customer bases for their clients. It’s all about knowing your audience and appealing to them where they are at in a language they can relate to. Social media is good, the Norseman Global director admits, but he firmly believes that today’s consumer with buying power is much more comfortable engaging with a real person in real time.

“The best way to know your audience is to get up close and personal, and that’s what we excel at in the field of direct marketing.”