Norseman Global Explain What Makes a Great Graduate Job Candidate

Norseman Global Explain What Makes a Great Graduate Job Candidate

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We all know that a business can only thrive if it attracts, chooses and retains the right talent, and in today’s highly competitive job market strong companies have a lot of choice when it comes to the people they bring into their business.  Leading US marketing company Norseman Global are currently on the hunt for fresh new talent, and managing director Erik Lickiss has a very clear idea of what makes a truly desirable applicant:

‘Norseman Global is a very forward-thinking company, and we look for candidates who have the drive and underlying work ethic to help us power toward our goals. We look for people who show a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and a commitment to going the extra mile, both for our clients and for our team’ explained Erik Lickiss.

‘We have big plans at the moment and are on the lookout for people with real drive, and the knowledge and intelligence to help us meet our objectives. Our business is also all about communication, and so we need people who truly understand the importance of getting the message right every time.’

Norseman Global is the kind of business many new graduates dream of getting a chance to work with, as a company that offers opportunities to work closely with clients on the kind of innovative marketing strategies that can make a dramatic difference to their success. The talent chosen by Norseman Global will be granted the chance to apply approaches that can make a huge difference to their clients where it really matters – their bottom line.

With so many young, talented graduates looking for great roles with dynamic, ambitious companies in the fast-paced marketing industry, it is easy to see why Norseman Global are so keen to identify the very best people to bring on board. ‘Education, application and determination – that is the motto at Norseman Global, and we want people whose personal values align with that’ said Erik Lickiss. ‘We offer a lot of opportunities for development within the company, and the people we bring into the business receive a huge amount of support and mentorship from our established marketing experts, but we need people who give us the right foundations to build on.’

With big things on the horizon, Erik Lickiss and his team are excited to be on the hunt for the right people to share in their future successes.