Erik Lickiss of Norseman Global Looks at Warren Buffet’s Investment Strategy

Erik Lickiss of Norseman Global Looks at Warren Buffet’s Investment Strategy

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“If ever anyone wanted an investment guru, it would be Warren Buffet,” says Erik Lickiss, owner, and directing manager of Norseman Global. As a successful investor and entrepreneur in his own right, Erik Lickiss knows all too well the benefits of understanding investment strategies based on your own personal philosophies.

It is through understanding his own personal goals that this energetic and goal-oriented director of Norseman Global has made each of his decisions on investing in his future and the future of his highly successful direct marketing company. “One thing I know for sure, and this is also something I’ve learned from studying Warren Buffet, is that any successful company must invest in its people.”

Erik Lickiss lives by the philosophy that any company, large or small, is only as good (successful) as the people who work there. From the lowest paid hourly worker to the highest ranking executive officer, there is no room for a weak link. However, Norseman Global also understands that each person comes to them with unique talents and sometimes small stumbling blocks aren’t failures but rather weaknesses which can be strengthened with adequate training and mentoring.

This brings to mind one of the ‘failures’ that Warren Buffet, the third richest man in the entire world often looks back upon with regret. When given the opportunity to invest money in Amazon and Google, Buffet only looked at the figures as they were presented at that moment in time. He didn’t look at the potential for where they would climb.

“That’s what I often stop to think about when choosing new members of our Norseman Global marketing team. Sometimes I’m confronted with a diamond in the rough and if I don’t stop to look at the potential ready to be polished to a perfect gem, I might pass by one our most talented future achievers. In life, you need to look at potential as well as current capabilities and that is what investing is really all about, after all,” he muses.

He continues to say that, “Investing is akin to wagering on the winning team in a football game and here at Norseman Global, we take great pride in wagering on the talent of our direct marketing entrepreneurs. They are our investment in our own future as well as the future of every client we work with, and for.”