Norseman Global Explain What Makes a Great Graduate Job Candidate

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We all know that a business can only thrive if it attracts, chooses and retains the right talent, and in today’s highly competitive job market strong companies have a lot of choice when it comes to the people they bring into their business.  Leading US marketing company Norseman Global are currently on the hunt for fresh new talent, and managing director Erik Lickiss has a very clear idea of what makes a truly desirable applicant:

‘Norseman Global is a very forward-thinking company, and we look for candidates who have the drive and underlying work ethic to help us power toward our goals. We look for people who show a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and a commitment to going the extra mile, both for our clients and for our team’ explained Erik Lickiss.

‘We have big plans at the moment and are on the lookout for people with real drive, and the knowledge and intelligence to help us meet our objectives. Our business is also all about communication, and so we need people who truly understand the importance of getting the message right every time.’

Norseman Global is the kind of business many new graduates dream of getting a chance to work with, as a company that offers opportunities to work closely with clients on the kind of innovative marketing strategies that can make a dramatic difference to their success. The talent chosen by Norseman Global will be granted the chance to apply approaches that can make a huge difference to their clients where it really matters – their bottom line.

With so many young, talented graduates looking for great roles with dynamic, ambitious companies in the fast-paced marketing industry, it is easy to see why Norseman Global are so keen to identify the very best people to bring on board. ‘Education, application and determination – that is the motto at Norseman Global, and we want people whose personal values align with that’ said Erik Lickiss. ‘We offer a lot of opportunities for development within the company, and the people we bring into the business receive a huge amount of support and mentorship from our established marketing experts, but we need people who give us the right foundations to build on.’

With big things on the horizon, Erik Lickiss and his team are excited to be on the hunt for the right people to share in their future successes.


Norseman Global on the Importance of a Positive Brand Message

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Brand identity is something that takes time and effort to achieve, but once you have got it right it will pay off in dividends. When potential clients are browsing the web looking for people to carry out their direct marketing, they will be subconsciously drawn towards websites that display a positive and confident brand. A good brand reassures browsers and suggests to them that the company in question prioritizes quality when it comes to their online presence. Many studies have been conducted into the importance of branding and it is shown time and again that a strong brand can mean the difference between success and failure. Norseman Global understand this better than most and they have spent a lot of time getting their branding absolutely spot on.

As their Managing Director Erik Lickiss says, sharing your brand message is integral to the success of your business. ‘I have been convinced for a long time that branding is a crucial part of a company’s image. Here at Norseman Global, we are committed to ensuring that we are sending out the right messages to our clients, and that is why we can justify the expense and effort that it takes in order to get our branding just right. A positive brand message is vital, and I am confident that the time and money that we have invested in our branding will pay off time and again. It is important that your brand identity matches your brand image, and if you are not sure about the difference then you need to consult with an expert in order to make sure you are not sending out mixed messages. Your customers need reassurance in order to place their faith in you, so get your branding right as it makes such a difference.’

In the competitive world of direct marketing, Erik Lickiss feels the pressure more than most to get it right. He says, ‘My reputation is everything, and I need to make sure that I am always sending out the right messages. I am obviously doing something right because business has never been better, but I am always aware that I need to keep on top of my branding and image because trends are always changing. It is important to me that I continue to get my company’s name out there so that we can continue to dominate the market with the services that we offer.’ The future looks bright for this creative and forward-thinking company, and Erik Lickiss has ambitious plans for the future.


Norseman Global is Inspired by Client’s New Product Pricing Strategy

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Reviewing your pricing strategy is a tough job and sometimes it is easier just to avoid it. However, if it is done in the right way then you stand to reap considerable benefits from doing just this, without alienating your customers in the process. When you put careful thought and analysis into your pricing strategy you will be surprised at just how much difference you can make to your bottom line without losing any customers along the way. One of Norseman Global’ biggest clients has recently conducted pricing strategy chances in order to ensure that customers get more value for money and a better deal in general, with staggering results. Successfully managed to review their pricing strategy and make changes that have started to attract new customers, and ultimately boost sales.

Managing Director of Norseman Global, Erik Lickiss, has been very inspired by the way in which this has been carried out and he urges other companies to follow suit. He says, ‘If you haven’t reviewed your pricing strategy for a while then there is no better time to do it than right now. A little bit of thought and effort can go a long way, and you will be surprised at the positive impact that it will have on your business when you get it right. I have definitely noticed a trend, and that is that the bolder the business when it comes to pricing, the more successful they are. I am looking forward to watching my client go from strength to strength with their new product pricing changes.’

Erik Lickiss is going from strength to strength with Norseman Global. As specialists in direct marketing, they are helping clients seek out and engage with new customers in order to boost their customer base and increase sales figures. His success has sent his reputation soaring and she is now in high demand from customers all over the country looking to boost their profits. His results-driven approach combined with his traditional direct marketing skills mean that he is extremely well-placed to help clients with their events-based marketing.

Erik Lickiss’s ambitious plans for the future include helping to bring even more clients face to face with potential new customers and he is excited about the surge in demand that he is experiencing. The future is looking bright for Norseman Global and Erik Lickiss is looking forward to taking her business to the next level of success.


Understanding Your Customer Base is Vital for Success Says Norseman Global

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It may seem obvious, but you’d be amazed at the number of companies who don’t pay enough attention to understanding their customer base. Companies such as these tend to have a very short shelf-life because customers simply won’t gravitate towards them. Understanding your market and your customer base is something that Norseman Global feel very strongly about, and their Managing Director Erik Lickiss attributes his success to the fact that he has a clear understanding of our customers and what they want. This is pivotal to his work and he encourages other business leaders to do the same.

Erik says, ‘Understanding your customer base is all about listening to what people want. You need to understand people’s motivation. For example, some customers rate price as the most important factor that influences their decisions, while others tend to be happy to pay a little extra for a service if they know that they are going to get excellent customer service. Every single one of your customers is different, so make sure that you take the time to get to know them so that you totally grasp what is motivating them. This knowledge will help you to keep them happy, and therefore retain their business. Seek regular feedback from your customers and make sure that you are delivering the service that they are expecting. They will like the fact that you care so much and will be far more likely to give you repeat business in the future. It’s vital to listen to your customers – never just assume that they are happy – make sure they are.’

Erik’s direct marketing business is all about attracting new customers for his clients. This means that he has to be an expert in the psychology of business, perfectly understanding how to design an approach that will appeal. His results-driven service is in such high demand because she is so skilled at boosting his clients’ customer base, and therefore driving up their sales figures. Knowing his target market is an important part of the business and so Erik spends a lot of time getting to know his customers and understanding what makes them tick.

Norseman Globals are going from strength to strength and Erik has ambitious plans for the future development of the company. His reputation in his field is unrivaled and business is booming as a result of his hard-working ethic and attention to detail.


Norseman Discusses: What Separates Successful People From The Rest?

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At Norseman, we acknowledge that there are various qualities and traits successful individuals have developed over time to perfect their game in whichever field they are in. It’s important to note that successful individuals were once finding their way in the world just like everyone else. But what separates them from the rest? What makes successful individuals reach their dreams while others merely get close to achieving it? “The difference is confidence and strive. Individuals must believe in themselves before anyone else can believe in them. Why should anyone believe in someone if they cannot believe in themselves? This is the biggest thing one should ask themselves when they want to be successful,” says Erik Lickiss, managing director of Norseman.

Take a glance at all the accomplishments of the greats in our history and time. How did they make it this far? It was their will to do something with their potential. Realizing that you have potential is the first step in taming yourself to reach the stars. It helps to plan what you want to do even if that plan does not go accordingly to your standards. Make sure you are becoming someone that strives to push through any barriers in your way to reaching your goals, because if you don’t’ then who will? “Having that mentality of an individual that should not stop achieving their goals is someone you need to be to achieve success,” says Erik Lickiss of Norseman.

Any successful person will tell you that you must believe in yourself first and have the confidence to believe in yourself and your ideas. This is essential and at Norseman that is the type of mentality we implement at our firm. We conclude that everyone is capable of greatness, but the difference is doing something about it or not doing anything at all. Take the first step even if you’re scared, the worst that will happen is you will see if you want something or not.






Norseman Global Reviews The Importance of a Sports Mentality in Our Industry

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At Norseman Global, we appreciate and focus on all values, qualities, and skills that hone in towards our industry. We provide the best services at our firm, and that is because our team is just as skilled and talented. They have a keen mindset, and they work on their mentality just as athletes work on theirs.  Our strategies and our methods are unmatchable because we are competitive and thrive to reach the very best. “We value a sports mentality because sports and that kind of diligence focus on good habits and resilience. Sports mentality is the willingness and practice to be better and better each day,” says Erik Lickiss, managing director of Norseman Global.

Just like how we have our favorite sports leaders and athletes, our agents also work hard day and night to make sure they perfect their skills on the field and make sure they are bringing the best of what they can offer. Similarly, we make sure that we’re always on top of our game with the newest and most innovative strategies to bring our clients and customers the best of what we can offer. The business industry, like the sports industry, are very much alike. Our goal is to put forward nothing less than the very best. “We are known because of our skilled and uplifting mentality. This is because we are so competitive and always aim to reach our highest potential, we want to embrace the fact that we’re the best in this game,” says Erik Lickiss of Norseman Global.

The best aspect about carrying a sports mentality is that once we understand the concept of practice makes perfect. We continuously work on our methods and mindset to ensure the very best. Not only does this make us individuals that we can be proud of, but it helps our company stand out in front of others. “We carry a sports mentality because we work on our skill and perfect it. Our importance on a sports mentality is because it builds resilience and we are proud that we carry that factor,” says Erik Lickiss of Norseman Global.










Erik Lickiss of Norseman Global Looks at Warren Buffet’s Investment Strategy

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“If ever anyone wanted an investment guru, it would be Warren Buffet,” says Erik Lickiss, owner, and directing manager of Norseman Global. As a successful investor and entrepreneur in his own right, Erik Lickiss knows all too well the benefits of understanding investment strategies based on your own personal philosophies.

It is through understanding his own personal goals that this energetic and goal-oriented director of Norseman Global has made each of his decisions on investing in his future and the future of his highly successful direct marketing company. “One thing I know for sure, and this is also something I’ve learned from studying Warren Buffet, is that any successful company must invest in its people.”

Erik Lickiss lives by the philosophy that any company, large or small, is only as good (successful) as the people who work there. From the lowest paid hourly worker to the highest ranking executive officer, there is no room for a weak link. However, Norseman Global also understands that each person comes to them with unique talents and sometimes small stumbling blocks aren’t failures but rather weaknesses which can be strengthened with adequate training and mentoring.

This brings to mind one of the ‘failures’ that Warren Buffet, the third richest man in the entire world often looks back upon with regret. When given the opportunity to invest money in Amazon and Google, Buffet only looked at the figures as they were presented at that moment in time. He didn’t look at the potential for where they would climb.

“That’s what I often stop to think about when choosing new members of our Norseman Global marketing team. Sometimes I’m confronted with a diamond in the rough and if I don’t stop to look at the potential ready to be polished to a perfect gem, I might pass by one our most talented future achievers. In life, you need to look at potential as well as current capabilities and that is what investing is really all about, after all,” he muses.

He continues to say that, “Investing is akin to wagering on the winning team in a football game and here at Norseman Global, we take great pride in wagering on the talent of our direct marketing entrepreneurs. They are our investment in our own future as well as the future of every client we work with, and for.”

Norseman Global Explains the Importance of Knowing Your Audience

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Drawing a direct correlation to the way in which major sporting events have been effectively tailoring their marketing approach in recent years, Norseman Global’s CEO and founder, Erik Lickiss, says that “They’ve got it right! The key to drawing a larger fanbase is to reach them where they are. Altogether too often marketing firms have tried to draw larger audiences based on the sponsors of those events, but that has proven to be an inefficient approach.”

What this insightful marketing director of Norseman Global is referring to is that in sales and marketing is a numbers game much of the time. This happens when marketers simply try to draw in large audiences without first qualifying their leads. “It is so much more effective to market to a fan base than to a large crowd who will simply tune out when they don’t care to hear the message you are presenting. That’s what sports marketers have come to understand.”

Erik Lickiss goes on to say that in order to reach an audience that will actually listen to what you have to say, you need to know where and how to reach them. “Today, huge fan bases are built on channels like social media and through video games. That’s how sporting events have begun being advertised with great results. Instead of simply broadcasting on local or network television, teams have begun hitting social media like Facebook and Twitter.”

That, in effect, is what Norseman Global teams do when they go face-to-face with potential customers for clients they represent through direct marketing. “The world has gone social,” he explains, “and that is why direct marketing is so effective. People have begun doubting the validity of what they are seeing or reading in ads but when they come face-to-face with marketers ready to demonstrate products or answer questions, they feel comfortable with new brands they are introduced to.”

There is a direct relationship to the way major sports are drawing larger fan bases and the way in which direct marketers grow customer bases for their clients. It’s all about knowing your audience and appealing to them where they are at in a language they can relate to. Social media is good, the Norseman Global director admits, but he firmly believes that today’s consumer with buying power is much more comfortable engaging with a real person in real time.

“The best way to know your audience is to get up close and personal, and that’s what we excel at in the field of direct marketing.”

Norseman Global Quick Review of The Decision Makeover by Mike Whitaker

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It is no secret that every decision we make has an impact on our future. Some of those decisions may have life-changing ramifications while others are simply considerations in our day to day lives. In his book, The Decision Makeover: In Intentional Approach to Living the Life You Want, the book’s author says that not every decision you make will have a major impact on your life but every decision will have an impact. Therefore, it is vital to know how to make good choices. This is something Erik Lickiss, CEO and managing director of Norseman Global is always counseling his team to remember.

“I tell my team that it is vital to understand the difference between good choices and bad choices when it comes to the decision making process. We are, after all, a team of marketing entrepreneurs who are working towards our own personal goals at the same time as we are striving to reach team goals. How, or even if, we get there will be decided by the choices we make along the way and that is why I recommend that my team reads and digests the information in this amazingly thoughtful treatise on the decision-making process,” says Norseman Global’s director.

He continues to say that, “I found it intriguing that the author expands on the reasons why so many people make bad choices in life. Usually, it is because emotions overpower logic or that we haven’t stopped to consider whether the choice we make now will affect our goals in some way, good or bad.” This is significant to Erik Lickiss and Norseman Global because of their highly-focused, goal-oriented company culture.

As a team of highly successful, goal-oriented direct marketing entrepreneurs, Norseman Global are always seeking to reach goals set together with clients they serve.

“You can choose the path to take and each path may take you closer or farther from your goal. However, with continual introspection and a line of vision on your destination, you can make the right choices most of the time,” Erik Lickiss says. “I really appreciated the way in which the author, a successful entrepreneur himself, explains the decision-making process and how to know if you are making the right choices.”

In the end, it’s about knowing where you are going and if the decisions you make will impact your journey toward that goal. Make choices for the right reasons and you will ultimately reach your pinnacle. That’s something Norseman Global prides itself on achieving and the basis for their amazing successes along the way.


Norseman Global Paints the Big Picture – You’re Only as Big as Your Goals

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As a rapidly growing startup, Norseman Global understands the importance of always keeping your eyes trained on your goals. In working as a direct marketing force for a number of Fortune 500 companies, this team of direct marketers knows that the key to getting to the top means that you need to always know where it is you are headed and then seek the clearest path to your destiny.

This is how the CEO and owner of Norseman Global, Erik Lickiss, began expanding his horizons. “I was always an entrepreneur at heart and knew that if I was to succeed, I had to have a clear-cut picture of where I was going so that everything else pales in comparison.”

Erik Lickiss opened Norseman Global in the Peoria market in 2018 and already has built an amazing client base for the group’s portfolio. “We knew that we wanted to be the premier direct marketers and that if we focused on edging out our competition by building huge customer bases for our clients, we could achieve that goal,” he says of the early days. And, that’s just what they’ve proven to do time and time again.

However, in training new associates with Norseman Global, Erik Lickiss asks each person to make realistic goals they want to reach in the near future with an ultimate goal down the road. “Each goal is like another mile marker on a map of your life’s journey, but those mile markers are just stepping stones,” the Norseman Global CEO explains.

Norseman Global sees each new associate as an entrepreneur with the world at their feet. It is theirs to grab if they understand that point on their journey where they want to be in a year, a decade or even decades down the road. “With a clear-cut destination in mind, you can choose a variety of paths, but the main thing to remember is that the destination is your goal so how do you want to get there?”

As with any journey, this energetic Norseman Global managing director says that it always takes forward motion and so that “No matter what path you take, never go in reverse. Always keep your eyes on the road ahead of you and you will ultimately get there.” That’s the key to success and if your goals are set on reaching the heights of Mount Everest then that’s how high you’ll climb.