Norseman Global are proud that our company model holds true to a ‘No Seniority, No Hierarchy’ model. Everyone in our industry starts entry level and has the opportunity to rise to management. This, backed by the characteristics in a candidate, is what we strive to find: high work ethic, excellent people skills, a high level of ambition and an ever growing urge to learn and be a student of the business. With these characteristics and a sincere care for our Client and their Brand, Management will be just a stepping stone for your future here at Norseman Global.


When you join Norseman Global, you become the member of a team within:

  • One of the fastest growing companies in the industry, with new offices and positions opening across North America.
  • A company that provides superior training and believes that training should continue throughout an employee’s career.
  • A company whose culture fosters a “work hard, play hard” mentality and a willingness to always give 110%
  • A company full of dynamic professionals from diverse backgrounds.
  • A company that is driven by high-energy high-enthusiasm providing three things on a daily basis:

1) A fun environment to grow and learn in both personally and professionally

2) Personal recognition on a daily basis for the effort and work you put in

3) Endless opportunities to network in and out of the office

4) Being fully compensated for the success of yourself and the team

  • A company where your managers and team leaders work for you.




Every person in our company, including our executives, candidates start their career entry-level providing you an edge with 100% promotion from within. No experience is necessary as we provide unparalleled one-on-one, face-to-face training on a daily basis. Hence, leading you to make the successful changes essential to excel in the entry-level.


Regardless of professional experience or lack thereof, there is nothing more motivating than to see your progression of learned skills turn into habits and generate new ideas from working with customers all the way to clients. Each member of the team will learn the skills necessary to further their career in whatever aspect excites them; creating marketing campaigns, promoting events, customer/client interaction; the possibilities are endless at Norseman Global.


If any of these sound exciting to you, then you should Apply for an opportunity with us! We also provide a lot of support to get you started with our company – hands-on training, our leadership training program, our managerial track and special information events for new Norseman on the growth of the industry and the leading role YOU can play in the future expansion of our team.




Just like our Manager’s approach with our clients, our approach with our Team Members is, they come first! Any way that we can further the success of each individual that comes into Norseman Global, we will cater the training and advancement to them. That doesn’t just entail in-office, but also extends outside as well. We often go out for food and drinks, social events, local sports matches, trips, etc. Building long-lasting relationships are the driving force behind the culture of our office.

The culture at Norseman Global, we believe, is essential to the success of our company and the long-term happiness of our employees. Here at Norseman Global, it isn’t just a job, but rather an opportunity for advancement both in personal and professional goals!



Norseman Global hires candidates from all walks of life. It’s not a matter of where you come from, but where you want to go! Norseman Global provides equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment. We find the best way to educate yourself is to learn from others and that is the exact approach we achieve. Any questions? Contact us here.