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We opened for business in Peoria in 2018, and have recently expanded providing a flexible yet systematic approach to the fields of Sales and Marketing. We pride ourselves on our strong work ethic and it has been key to our success in dealing with various Fortune 500 companies, Start-ups, and even non-profit charities.  


Our philosophies are very simple but have been crucial to our success worldwide

High Standards

We are dedicated to representing the Client and their Brand with the utmost respect and professionalism. What the client wants, we’re able to deliver with our steadfast approach and flexibility to customize the service to them.

Systematic Approach

Our direct sales and marketing systems are among the most simple yet effective in the industry and our results speak for themselves.

Training & Monitoring

We believe in a hands-on method here at Norseman Global. Open communication paired with constructive coaching allow us to implement our effective training models in the advertising industry. Thus, delivering us an edge on our competition.

CEO and Founder Erik Lickiss

Never settle, always explore! That is the motto that this company strives for in all aspects of the business. We set the bar and pace to exceed our client’s expectations.

The customer always comes first and is our drive for success. We are the face of our clients’ brands and we take the huge responsibility that comes with that. We pride ourselves in representing our clients’ brands with sheer integrity and passion. Big things are on the rise for Norseman Global. Come take the next step with us and explore the possibilities!

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We are proud that our company model holds true to a ‘No Senority’ model. Everyone in our industry starts entry level and has the opportunity to rise to management. This backs the characteristics in a candidate that we strive to find;  great work ethic, people skills, a high level of ambition and an ever growing urge to learn and be a student of the business. With these characteristics and a deep care for our Client and their Brand, Management will be just a stepping stone for your future here at Norseman Global.

A company that is one of the fastest growing in the industry, with new offices and positions opening across the US and Canada.

A company that provides superior training and believes that training should continue throughout an employee’s career.

A company whose culture fosters a “work hard, play hard” mentality and is based on the core foundation of teamwork, positivity, hard work, and 100% dedication.

A company full of dynamic professionals from diverse backgrounds.

A company that is fast paced and results oriented: where the achievement of personal and team goals is publicly recognized.

A company where your leadership team works for you.


The supportive, yet competitive, environment at Norseman Global drives individuals to achieve their personal best every day. Our high-energy, high-enthusiasm atmosphere ensures that team members push each other to achieve the highest levels of success together. Whether it’s the lobby playing music, team nights, karaoke challenges (I’m always up for a challenge) or special promotional events that we run, we ensure a fun learning environment filled with like minded people of diverse backgrounds that love to have fun, but get the job done! Come and see for yourself.